14 Mar 2021
Race Seat Selection
A good place to start. The first question you need to ask yourself is what level of motorsport am I racing? Am I a serious competitor, track day racer or something else? Once you know where you si...
12 Oct 2021
What Racing Harness is Right For Me?
Are you looking to get into motorsport and are unsure about the different types of harnesses available? Do you want to find the safest, most comfortable and performance improving racing seat belt ...
08 Nov 2021
When to use a 4 point harness
4 point harnesses have historically been a popular seat belt for racing due to their added protection measures. However, since the introduction of stricter rules and the production of more advance...
08 Nov 2021
Why should I select a 5 point harness?
5 point harnesses were once the most popular FIA approved harnesses on the market due to added safety features that the 4 point harnesses didn’t include. However, recently FIA has opted in favour ...
08 Nov 2021
What are the advantages of a 6 point harness?
6 point harnesses are currently the safest option on the market for race car drivers and are suggested by FIA for motorsport racing. These models have become increasingly popular in recent years, ...
14 Dec 2021
How to make your race harness safer
How to make your race harness safer Race harnesses are a great way to keep you protected when you crash, however, there are other aspects that you need to make sure to maximise the protection tha...
14 Dec 2021
How to choose a steering wheel for motorsport
Steering wheels are an important aspect of all race cars because they allow for quick directional changes. But more significantly, they give control to the driver over the car. It’s essential that...
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