2024 FHR changes
Motorsport New Zealand has updated Schedule A to include the new FHR regulations that come into effect on the 1st of January 2024. This makes FHR devices a mandatory in most motorsport, even at a club level. The chart below identifies the classes of motorsport for which FHR use will be mandatory from the 1st of January 2024. ​ An FHR is not required to be used in a car that isn’t required to have a roll cage, but they are required in cars without cages where an FIA or SFI-rated harness is used. FHR use has been identified as a key factor in keeping you safe when you race so they’..
HANS or Hybrid?
HANS or Hybrid: Which FHR device should I choose? Selecting the right FHR device is extremely important for the safety and comfort of race car drivers. However, with the numerous options, materials, and angles on the market, it can be challenging to make the final decision. Racetech is here to help you find the perfect frontal head restraint for your racing! What is an FHR device? A Frontal Head Restraint protects your head and neck from serious injury when having a crash while racing. In a frontal impact, your harness stops your body from moving forward, but without an FHR or HANS de..
How to choose a steering wheel for motorsport
How to choose a steering wheel for motorsport Steering wheels are an essential part of all race cars, as they allow for quick directional changes. But more importantly, they ensure that the driver has required control over a cars direction. Choosing a steering wheel that supports the handling and comfort of the driver will, in return, also increase the safety and performance of individuals. Let us explain what you need to think about when choosing a steering wheel for your race car to improve the feel of your vehicle. Diameter The diameter of the steering wheel will significantly infl..
What are the advantages of a 6 point harness?
What are the advantages of a 6 point harness? According to the FIA, 6 point harnesses are the safest option for race car drivers at the moment. 6 point harnesses have become the most popular choice on the market for motorsport racers due to their high level of safety and outstanding benefits. Racetech explores what makes these harnesses stand out from 4 point and 5 point harnesses and why we recommend this type of harness for race car drivers across New Zealand! Features of a 6 point harness 6 point harnesses offer the greatest protection for racers across the world. The two crotch st..
Why should I select a 5 point harness?
Why should I select a 5 point harness? For several years 5 point harnesses have been the leading choice for motorsport racers in New Zealand. They offer greater benefits over 4 point harnesses with their added crotch strap; however, recently, the FIA has opted in favour of 6 point harnesses. This means they are no longer FIA approved from now from new, so fewer people are selecting this option. In this blog, Racetech explains what 5 point harnesses are, who can still use them and what benefits they have! What are 5 point harnesses? Five-point harnesses look the same as 4 point ones, b..
When to use a 4 point harness?
When to use a 4 point harness You may be wondering whether 4 point harnesses are still a good choice for motorsport racing. Historically these harnesses have been a very popular choice, but with recent advancements and innovations of 5 and 6 point seat belts, they have lost their place in the market. Can you even use a 4 point harness for racing today? For what types of motorsports? Read on to learn more about 4 point harnesses from Racetech!      What are 4 point harnesses? Four-point harnesses have two shoulder straps and two-lap straps, which are mounted in..
How to make your race harness safer?
How to make your race harness safer Fitting a race harness in your car does not necessarily mean that you are fully protected during an impact. You need to make sure that the harness is mounted correctly into the race car at the right angle and ideal location. There are also other safety features that work in conjunction with harnesses and provide added protection to the driver when going at high speeds. Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) and high-quality race seats ensure that the driver is fully protected on practice and competition days. Learn more about how you can maximise the performance o..
What racing harness is the right one for me?
What racing harness is the right one for me? Are you thinking about purchasing a new racing harness and would like to find the ideal one for your requirements? Are you just starting out in motorsport and want to learn more about the different types of harnesses on the market? We put together a handy guide at Racetech to help you find the ideal race harness for your motorsport and personal needs. Find out about all the available options, the regulations you need to follow, and how to decide what one you should get! Racing harnesses are one of the most crucial safety features you need to i..
What racewear do I need to start motorsport racing?
Are you new to racing? Do you want to make sure you have all the racewear you need for training and race days? Find out what race gear you require for different types of motorsport applications, how they can keep you safe and what regulations you need to follow! We know the amount of kit you need can be overwhelming, so we put together a guide at Racetech to help you get started on purchasing new racewear! To summarise, for most types and levels of motorsport racing, you need: Helmet Race suit Race gloves Race boots Underwear – top, bottom, socks, and balaclava. Let us ex..
Please consider this information before or immediately after starting your race car build. Your race seat must be your first consideration when building your race car. OEM vehicle manufacturers decide on their race seat before the rest of their race car has been designed. The reason for this is because it’s the most important part of the vehicle and is the interface between you and your car. Your race seat protects you from serious injury during a crash or rollover. It enhances your ability to focus and race at your highest level. However, if you do not fit your race seat correctl..
Race Seat Selection
A good place to start. The first question you need to ask yourself is what level of motorsport am I racing? Am I a serious competitor, track day racer or something else? Once you know where you sit, you must understand the rules around your type of motorsport. Most motorsport governing bodies will have driver safety manuals which you must be familiar with before purchasing a race seat as their guidelines may narrow your options. Our philosophy is that we always want drivers and co-drivers to get home safely after race day. We believe your best option to do this is by choosing from our He..
General Info What is a HANS Device? HANS stands for Head and Neck Support. The HANS Device is technically known as a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) and has been designed to minimize the risk of serious neck injuries in a crash. How does the HANS Device work? In an impact, the HANS Device tethers limit the forward motion of the driver's helmet. It also transfers the tension load from the neck, which is very fragile, into a compression load against the forehead, which is a considerably stronger load.   Selection When selecting a HANS Device there are two important factors..


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