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HANS or Hybrid?
HANS or Hybrid: Which FHR device should I choose? Selecting the right FHR device is extremely important for the safety and comfort of race car drivers. However, with the numerous options, materials, and angles on the market, it can be challenging to make the final decision. Racetech is here to help you find the perfect frontal head restraint for your racing! What is an FHR device? A Frontal Head Restraint protects your head and neck from serious injury when having a crash while racing. In a frontal impact, your harness stops your body from moving forward, but without an FHR or HANS de..
Choosing Your HANS
General Info What is a HANS Device? HANS stands for Head and Neck Support. The HANS Device is technically known as a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) and has been designed to minimize the risk of serious neck injuries in a crash. How does the HANS Device work? In an impact, the HANS Device tethers limit the forward motion of the driver's helmet. It also transfers the tension load from the neck, which is very fragile, into a compression load against the forehead, which is a considerably stronger load.   Selection When selecting a HANS Device there are two important factors..
HANS Device Regulations
The time has come for the majority of Rally and Tarmac Motorsport in New Zealand must adopt a new item of driver safety equipment. Since 2018 MSNZ have been making a push for all occupants of race cars to use HANS Device’s (FHR) in all categories from basic to Championship level. As of the 1st of October 2020 MSNZ Schedule A, shows that HANS Device’s will be “Mandatory” or “Recommended” across all levels of motorsport within New Zealand. (1)  Frontal Head Restraint Requirements: All occupants shall wear FHR made to an approved standard as per Chart (1) below”  ..


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