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Choosing Your HANS

Choosing Your HANS

General Info

What is a HANS Device?

HANS stands for Head and Neck Support. The HANS Device is technically known as a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) and has been designed to minimize the risk of serious neck injuries in a crash.

How does the HANS Device work?

In an impact, the HANS Device tethers limit the forward motion of the driver's helmet. It also transfers the tension load from the neck, which is very fragile, into a compression load against the forehead, which is a considerably stronger load.



When selecting a HANS Device there are two important factors to take into consideration:

  • Weight
  • Degree angle

Weight and Degree generally relate to the type of motorsport that you are racing in. Most Circuit, Speedway, Off-road and Rally will require a 20-degree. 30-degree devices are for the formula series racer where the driver is in a more laid back in position. If your objective is to trim weight from your vehicle, we would recommend looking at the carbon made devices.


Use this chart to determine which HANS Device best fits you. Due to differences in torso and muscle shapes, it is difficult to predict exact fitments for specific neck sizes. You may find that several HANS Devices fit your body, although best practice is once the device on you should be able to place your fingers between your neck and the device with ease. 



Are my tethers too long? I can touch my chin to my chest with the device on.

No. The HANS Device comes properly adjusted for all drivers. Unless you have changed the tether length it will work in an impact. The HANS Device is the only head & neck restraint that allows exceptional vision via slack tethers and remarkable safety due to the way it works. The slack in the tether is taken up automatically during impact.

What type of harness work best with a HANS Device?

The HANS Device was originally designed to work with an FIA approved 3-inch harness. They may also be used with a 2-inch shoulder strap; however, you must follow the Motorsport New Zealand harness guidelines when is use. Only the HANS Device spreads the belts around your neck, preventing chafing and maximizing belt performance.


When should I replace my HANS Device?

HANS Devices are made with similar materials and resins to helmets. They are also exposed to similar environments. Snell's five-year rule for helmets is only a guideline, but it is one we think users should consider when reviewing the integrity of a HANS Device. The form of racing in which a user competes may also dictate the timeframe for replacing a HANS Device, especially if a user competes in open cockpit environments. Even the best materials deteriorate over time. Further, we recommend a user replaces their HANS Device if it is involved in an accident or shows any signs of structural damage. If in doubt about the integrity of a HANS Device, it should be replaced.

What if my HANS Device is in an impact?

HANS Devices are one of the strongest parts of your safety gear but should be inspected periodically or after major impacts. Tethers should be replaced after any major impact. Examine your HANS Device visually and run your finger around the edges. Any sign of de-lamination or surface cracking and exposed composite material means the device has served its purpose and should be replaced. Even the most thorough inspection can fail to detect damage. This is one of the reasons that we do not resell used devices, and we do not recommend that anyone buy a used device. If in doubt about the integrity of a HANS Device, it should be replaced.

How do I care for my HANS Device?

HANS Devices need almost no maintenance but should always be kept clean and dry. Tethers are dated. Replace every five years, after major impacts or sooner if wear is observed. Extreme hot or cold environments should be avoided, and they should be kept away from petroleum products and other corrosives as these can affect even the strongest composite materials and resins. To protect them, HANS Devices should be stored out of direct sunlight. They may be cleaned with soapy warm water.

Can I buy parts and support for my older HANS Device?

Yes, we are the official suppliers of HANS Device and Accessories in New Zealand. We carry out recertifications on SFI approved HANS Device and WOF checks FIA approved HANS Devices.

How often does an SFI HANS Device need to be recertified?

Every five years.

For more information click this link to review the FIA “Guide and installation specification for HANS devices in racing competition”

Posted by Anthony Coomer

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