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Read this before or immediately after purchasing your race seat

Read this before or immediately after purchasing your race seat

Please consider this information before or immediately after starting your race car build.

Your race seat must be your first consideration when building your race car. OEM vehicle manufacturers decide on their race seat before the rest of their race car has been designed. The reason for this is because it’s the most important part of the vehicle and is the interface between you and your car. Your race seat protects you from serious injury during a crash or rollover. It enhances your ability to focus and race at your highest level. However, if you do not fit your race seat correctly, this will cause issues with building your roll cage or even racing at the track and possible safety implications too. 


Mounting your race seat

Correctly mounting your race seat in the optimal driving position is crucial to your safety and performance at the racetrack. When racing you must be able to reach the steering wheel, pedals, and gear changer without any obstruction and as naturally as possible. Your optimal driving position allows you to focus on racing; making better decisions faster because something isn’t distracting you or causing discomfort.   


Build your roll cage around your race seat

Mount your race seat first and your roll cage second. Build your roll cage to meet your race seat. Retrofitting a race seat can be done but is usually challenging, time-consuming and expensive. If you must retrofit your chosen back mounted race seat, use an adjustable back bracket combined with roll cage clamps. This is because the adjustable bracket gives you the ability to mount the seat as close to optimal as possible allowing for the position of existing safety bars.


Follow what all the OEM vehicle manufacturer race car builders do

Decide on the seat before you design the rest of the race car

Posted by Anthony Coomer

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