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What racewear do I need to start motorsport racing?

What racewear do I need to start motorsport racing?

Are you new to racing? Do you want to make sure you have all the racewear you need for training and race days? Find out what race gear you require for different types of motorsport applications, how they can keep you safe and what regulations you need to follow! We know the amount of kit you need can be overwhelming, so we put together a guide at Racetech to help you get started on purchasing new racewear!

To summarise, for most types and levels of motorsport racing, you need:

Let us explore the different racewear items below, what the specific requirements are and how you can go about selecting the right option for your needs.

Racing Helmet

Racing helmets are the primary safety products that most of us think about when picturing a motorsport racer. There are many different designs available, with various materials, different sized visors and other features. Many go for the most lightweight option made from fibreglass or carbon fibre to eliminate any additional weight when selecting a helmet, so make sure you think about how keeping the weight of your race car down is important for you.

Also take into account the type of motorsport you are planning on doing. If you are looking for a rally helmet, you will want one that has intercom capabilities. Make sure it’s compatible with the rally car’s intercom, as most manufacturers tend to use a different plug. If you are racing a single-seater car, you will need a full-face helmet for optimal protection. We suggest you purchase an FIA or Snell homologated helmet, as, in most motorsports, these can be used even at international races. These approved helmets give you a high standard of protection and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Race Suit, Gloves and Boots

If you are looking to compete in FIA sanctioned events in New Zealand and internationally, look out for the FIA 8856-2000 or 8856-2018 standard. All these racewear items are made from fireproof material to protect you during an accident. With race suits, boots and gloves, comfort is also crucial, as this will likely improve your performance on race day, so make sure their size fits well. Having gloves that enable you to maintain a firm grip on the wheel and boots that provide you with a great feel on the pedals will support your performance significantly. Look out for the number of layers that a race suit has. 2 and 3-layer suits have become the accepted standard and provide extra protection to the driver.


Race underwear consists of a top, bottom, socks, and a balaclava. These racewear items provide an additional layer of protection to the driver. Made from fireproof material like Nomex, racing underwear is critical for safety. We suggest you purchase the same brand for all underwear protection and ensuring that it fits comfortably around your body. Some brands of racewear promote cooling due to their material, providing a more comfortable experience to the driver. Depending on regulations you may also be able to choose short sleeve underwear.

Race gear can range significantly in price and quality, and it can be challenging for racers just starting out to know what option is the right one for them. At Racetech, we put great importance on the safety and comfort of our customers, so we only sell high-quality, innovative solutions that were made to protect you in an accident. All our products have been thoroughly tested and align with respective governing body standards. If you are looking to purchase a complete set of racewear, there is no better place to look than at Racetech! If you have any further questions about any of the above-mentioned race products, get in touch with our expert team, who can help you select the right helmet and racewear.

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