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Race Seat Selection

Race Seat Selection

A good place to start.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what level of motorsport am I racing?

Am I a serious competitor, track day racer or something else? Once you know where you sit, you must understand the rules around your type of motorsport. Most motorsport governing bodies will have driver safety manuals which you must be familiar with before purchasing a race seat as their guidelines may narrow your options. Our philosophy is that we always want drivers and co-drivers to get home safely after race day. We believe your best option to do this is by choosing from our Head Restraint range of race seats. If you are in a crash or a rollover, your head and neck have the support they need to protect your brain from serious injury. 

Features to look for.

The features of our race seats have the driver’s safety in mind. Multiple seat bracket adjustment ensures the driver is comfortable and seated in their optimal driving position. Our 6-point mounting system keeps seat rigidity and integrity during a crash or a rollover.  Square shoulders support an optimal driving position for long periods, and large harness guides allow for the correct degree of your harness placement along with optional forced air cooling for the lower back. The key feature you must look for is an FIA Approval rating 8855-1999 or 8862-2009. Depending on what level you are racing at will determine this.

Race seat sizing

The next step towards the race seat you need is discovering which size fits you best. We created a Seat Sizing Chart available on every webpage of each race seat series. Start with your height and then your waist measurements to pick which seats size fits. The sizing chart below has factored in things like hip and shoulder placement and head alignment to give you the closest seat match without needing to step into a showroom. Correct seat sizing is important as you need to be comfortable and well fitted to your seat when racing. All your focus needs to be on racing; by choosing the race seat that fit's you best not only keeps you safe but will enhance the bond between you and your race cars movements on the track.

Posted by Anthony Coomer

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