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HANS Device Regulations

HANS Device Regulations

The time has come for the majority of Rally and Tarmac Motorsport in New Zealand must adopt a new item of driver safety equipment. Since 2018 MSNZ have been making a push for all occupants of race cars to use HANS Device’s (FHR) in all categories from basic to Championship level. As of the 1st of October 2020 MSNZ Schedule A, shows that HANS Device’s will be “Mandatory” or “Recommended” across all levels of motorsport within New Zealand.

(1)  Frontal Head Restraint Requirements: All occupants shall wear FHR made to an approved standard as per Chart (1) below”


Chart (1) – Frontal Head Restraint Requirements


01 October 2020



Sanctioned Series



Mandatory (Refer Note 1)


Recommended (Refer Note 3)


Mandatory (Refer Note 2)





Recommended (Refer Note 4)



Club Sport

Rally Sprint

Recommended (Refer Note 4)






  1. FHR’s are not mandatory for cars without safety cages.
  2. For Schedule K cars with a valid Certificate of Description, where it is impractical to achieve the harness mounting requirements the use of FHR is not mandatory.
  3. The use of FHR’s Clubman’s racing is flagged for future introduction.
  4. The use of FHR’s for National Permitted Rallies and Rally Sprints is under review and flagged for future introduction.

(2) Frontal Head Restraints Shall:

(a) Comply with an approved standard, being:

  • FIA-8858-2002
  • FIA-8855-2010
  • SFI-Spec 38.1

 We are the official supplier of HANS products into New Zealand. Its common knowledge that we are an advocate for driver safety, and we promote this in our communications with our audience online, EDM's, print media and instore with customers. The questions we often get asked are “Why now?” “How will this help me?” “I have been racing for years and never needed it before, why should I be forced to wear it now?” The risk of a crash with a serious injury is greater every year that passes as people drive faster and they take more risk. Construction workers are not allowed into building sites without correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which can save them from serious injury or worse. This device is an item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a race car driver and should be thought of as exactly that.  MSNZ is not the only authority within this country that recognises the value this item brings to a table. Peter Martin, Event Director for Targa New Zealand was advocating the use of HANS Device's and leasing them to all entrants in 2008 before making them mandatory for his event from 2011 onwards. Hampton Downs and Highlands Motorsport Park made the HANS Device mandatory from 13th of August 2018. These people and businesses genuinely believe that this device is a must-have item for drivers and co-drivers because it dramatically prevents the likelihood of serious injury and saves lives.


Posted by Anthony Coomer

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