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Why should I select a 5 point harness?

Why should I select a 5 point harness?

Why should I select a 5 point harness?

For several years 5 point harnesses have been the leading choice for motorsport racers in New Zealand. They offer greater benefits over 4 point harnesses with their added crotch strap; however, recently, the FIA has opted in favour of 6 point harnesses. This means they are no longer FIA approved from now from new, so fewer people are selecting this option. In this blog, Racetech explains what 5 point harnesses are, who can still use them and what benefits they have!

What are 5 point harnesses?

Five-point harnesses look the same as 4 point ones, but with an additional belt between your legs. This feature prevents the driver from sliding under the belt or submarining in a crash. Their added safety feature made them stand out from the rest; however, nowadays 6 point harnesses have taken their place and less and less are being sold.

What types of motorsports are 5 point harnesses used for?

The majority of 5 point harnesses currently sold are SFI approved, making them an ideal choice for drag racing and most levels of speedway racing.

The Pro 5-Point Harness from Racetech works well for drag racers who need SFI approval. This harness comes with a 3-inch shoulder strap and a camlock buckle to keep drag racers safe and secure all the way down the quarter-mile.

Racetech’s 5 Point Lever Latch harness is a basic option for speedway drivers who need SFI approval. The lever latch buckle ensures that you can easily get in and out of the harness, and it withstands water and dirt, making it an ideal solution for off-road applications.

Pros and cons of a 5 point harness

The main benefit of 5 point harnesses is their ability to stop people from submarining or sliding under the harness on impact through their crotch strap. The lever-latch system that most of these harnesses use makes them ideal for all types of off-road and on-water racing. This system is easier to inspect for rust and is much simpler to clean than traditional camlock buckles. You won’t need to worry about damaging internal components and will enjoy this option for a long time.

An advantage that 5 point harnesses have over 6 point ones is that they are lighter and cheaper. They are also easier to install into your race car, as the crotch strap only requires a single mounting point rather than needing two like many 6 point harnesses.

With 6 point harnesses being the safest option on the market and FIA preferring these over the 5 point ones, many customers are also upgrading their seat belts. The FIA decided to stop their homologation, as even though they prevent submarining, they don’t make the impact less painful for the driver. This means that if racers want to keep competing, they will need to change to a current FIA approved option in the next few years once their 5 point harness expires.

5 point harnesses are still great choices for drag and speedway drivers who require SFI 16.1 approval. This approval expires every 2 years and cannot be renewed. At Racetech, we recommend 5 point harnesses for racers requiring SFI approval. Our 5 Point Lever Latch harness is an excellent choice for drivers racing in wet and rugged environments across New Zealand.

Why a 5 point harness?

5 point harnesses offer excellent benefits for certain types of motorsports, so we fully support their selection at Racetech. However, sometimes it may be beneficial to select a 6 point harness instead, especially if you are a high-performance motorsport racer! Contact our team if you have more questions about this harness option and explore our range of 5 point harnesses online or in-store!


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