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What are the advantages of a 6 point harness?

What are the advantages of a 6 point harness?

What are the advantages of a 6 point harness?

According to the FIA, 6 point harnesses are the safest option for race car drivers at the moment. 6 point harnesses have become the most popular choice on the market for motorsport racers due to their high level of safety and outstanding benefits. Racetech explores what makes these harnesses stand out from 4 point and 5 point harnesses and why we recommend this type of harness for race car drivers across New Zealand!

Features of a 6 point harness

6 point harnesses offer the greatest protection for racers across the world. The two crotch straps between the driver’s legs prevent the driver from submarining in the event of a crash, making them a higher safety option than 4 point harnesses. 6 point seat belts ensure you are kept fully safe and secured while driving and reduce your body movement on impact.

Six-point harnesses can come with straps that are either 2-inch or 3-inch wide. Many choose the 2-inch shoulder and lap strap option, as these easily fit and keep a frontal head restraint in place. 3-inch straps are more often used when a HANS or Simpson Hybrid device isn’t required. Their design, however, allows them to fit over an FHR device if needed. What one racers select often depends on personal choice.

6 point harnesses come with either steel, alloy or GT adjusters. Steel adjusters are an entry-level choice for drivers who don’t need to get out of their belts quickly and regularly. Tightening and adjusting the harness can be more challenging at times with a steel adjuster whereas alloy adjusters offer a more straightforward solution with smooth sliders and simple adjustments.

Racetech also has a third adjuster option available, the GT adjuster. This lets the driver tighten the harness by the buckle, making it an excellent choice for those drivers who need to adjust their harness frequently or when performing driver changes for endurance racing. Steel and alloy adjusters have a pull-up lap strap, which means that the driver needs to be able to reach close to the mounting point to tighten.

Racetech GT Adjuster
Racetech GT Adjuster


What motorsports can I use a 6 point harness for?

6 point harnesses can be used for all types and levels of motorsport racing in New Zealand, as they are homologated to the FIA 8853-2016 standard. No matter if you are just starting your racing journey with track days or are a high-performance racer, you can enjoy all that six-point harnesses have to offer.

All 6 point harnesses from Racetech can be mounted in your race car. Each of our harnesses come with standard snap hooks and eyebolts, which can be removed if you would rather have the harness wrapped around the roll cage. We can also offer custom-made solutions, such as bolt-in fixings, pinch plates, carabiners and more if you require. All you need to make sure is to align your mounting position with the FIA requirements, which include the mounting point being between 200 and 400mm from the back of the seat with an angle between 0 and 20 below horizontal.

Why is a 6 point harness better than other options?

6 point harnesses are the high-end standard race harnesses for drivers in New Zealand. Out of all the options, they provide the greatest number of benefits and work closely with other safety features, such as Frontal Head Restraints. The additional strap between the crotch allows for greater load dissipation and security in comparison to the 5 point harness. They significantly reduce the chance of submarining, keeping you protected in a crash and reducing the likelihood of a severe injury. A 6 point harness from Racetech together with an FHR device and a safe seat will give you the highest protection.

At Racetech, we always recommend 6 point harnesses for motorsport drivers because they offer outstanding benefits for any type and level of racing. Explore our variety of lightweight harnesses online that will keep you safe and secure when racing. We have a wide range of designs, weights, and colours available. Get in touch with our knowledgeable salespeople to learn more about our options and what makes them stand out from our competitors!


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