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What racing harness is the right one for me?

What racing harness is the right one for me?

What racing harness is the right one for me?

Are you thinking about purchasing a new racing harness and would like to find the ideal one for your requirements? Are you just starting out in motorsport and want to learn more about the different types of harnesses on the market? We put together a handy guide at Racetech to help you find the ideal race harness for your motorsport and personal needs. Find out about all the available options, the regulations you need to follow, and how to decide what one you should get!

Racing harnesses are one of the most crucial safety features you need to invest in as a race car driver. They are required in all types and levels of motorsport racing across New Zealand because of the high level of protection they provide in a crash. It is crucial to choose a harness option that fits your car, seat and body well and is suitable for the type of racing you are planning on doing.

What harness to select for different motorsport applications?

Harnesses come in 4 point, 5 point and 6 point options, which indicates the number of straps and mounting points that the seat belt has. Read on to find out the different motorsports that each of these are used in!

  • 4 point harnesses: 4 point seat belts are only accepted under certain levels of racing in New Zealand and are considered the bare minimum for motorsport safety. Some types are even ECE homologated for road use, which means that they are most often seen in classic cars without room for a crotch strap. Other designs are used for track days, Clubsport events, accredited series or championship events. 4 point harnesses are an excellent choice for casual racers, who might also use their car on the road. We suggest you select a more advanced option if you want to keep safe when racing at higher levels. 
  • 5 point harnesses: Many circuit and rally competitors are replacing their 5 point harnesses with more modern options due to changes in their FIA regulations. On the other hand, some 5 point harnesses are SFI approved, so they can offer excellent protection for most levels of speedway, off-road and boating applications.
  • 6 point harnesses: 6 point harnesses are the most popular option on the market and are the most commonly sold seat belts at Racetech. They offer vital protection to the driver and cover all the necessary bases. These harnesses come with either a 2-inch or 3-inch shoulder strap. These options are homologated to the same FIA standard; however, 2-inch shoulders are only valid if used together with a frontal head restraint. Six-point harnesses can be used for all types and levels of motorsport racing across New Zealand and offer a versatile solution for both low and high levels of racing.

Harness webbing size & adjusters

Most racing harnesses come in either 2-inch or 3-inch width straps and adjusters made from steel or alloy. Selecting what option you want depends on your personal preference and the specific motorsport you would like to use it for. Most people are choosing the 2-inch option nowadays, as these easily and comfortably fit over FHR devices, which are required for its FIA approval. The 3-inch straps are more commonly used when HANS or Simpson Hybrid FHR devices aren’t needed, as the straps spread the load over a wider area, although these can also be used in conjunction with the frontal head restraints. Alloy adjusters are often the first choice for many due to their lightweight, and they are also smoother to slide and quicker to use due to this high-quality material.

Also, think about the length of the harness when purchasing a new one. The length of your harness depends on whether you wish to wrap it around your roll bar or bolt it into the car’s chassis. Your harness placement is crucial to maximising safety, regardless of what application option you have. Make sure the length aligns with your car and personal need and that you get the desired angle and mounting point. Read our blog about harnesses and their compatibility with safety features to find out more about the ideal angle and mounting points!

Racetech harnesses

A wide range of 4, 5, and 6 point harnesses are available at Racetech New Zealand in a variety of colours, which are compatible with our race seats. We performed rigorous testing to ensure that these harnesses are optimised for all types of motorsport racing across the country. Get in touch with our team if you want to learn more about the different race harnesses we stock and explore our range online today!

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