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Cobra UK Classic Seats

In 2016, Racetech and UK-based seat manufacturer, Cobra, established a mutual supply agreement. Racetech builds FIA 8862-2009 seats for Cobra to sell, primarily to BTCC, and in return Cobra supplies Racetech with their Historic and Sport ranges of seats to satisfy the New Zealand market. 

"The result of 40 years of continuous development, Cobra offers an unsurpassed range of historic seats: The Cobra range embraces seats which will fit into the vast majority of cars past and present, from the tiny and spartan to the grandest and most luxurious."

NZ Pricelist:

Please note, not all seats are in stock, please enquire and we will confirm a lead-time.

Seat Material Weight (kg) Price
Nogaro GRP Circuit Vinyl/Dinamica 10.2 $1,699.00
Le Mans Heritage Vinyl 13.2 $1,349.00
Le Mans Heritage Leather 13.2 $1,649.00
Stuttgart Vinyl 13.2 $1,299.00
Stuttgart Leather Facings 13.2 $1,599.00
Aqua 4x4 GRP Vinyl 7.8 $1,349.00
Aqua 4x4 GT GRP Vinyl 8.1 $1,449.00
Racer Pro GRP Vinyl 7.3 $1,499.00
FIA Historic GRP Vinyl 7.1 $1,399.00
Classic Vinyl 6.0 $649.00
Classic + Headrest Vinyl 6.0 $749.00
Classic CS Vinyl 6.0 $899.00
Classic RS + Headrest Vinyl/Cord 8.7 $899.00
Classic RS + Headrest Vinyl outers/Basketweave centre 8.7 $999.00
Stelvio Vinyl/Cord 8.7 $899.00
Interlagos Vinyl/Cord 7.0 $899.00
Monte Carlo Vinyl/Cord 7.0 $899.00
Classic RSR Vinyl/Cord 8.5 $999.00
Cub Vinyl 8.5 $749.00
Cub + Headrest Vinyl 8.5 $849.00
Roadster 7 Vinyl 7.0 $1,099.00
Roadster SR Vinyl 6.3 $749.00
Roadster SS Vinyl 6.4 $749.00
Roadster XL Vinyl 7.4 $749.00


Specs and Dimensions:



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