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Are Racetech seats made in China or somewhere else?

Somewhere else! All Racetech seats are proudly manufactured in Wellington, New Zealand using a combination of materials sourced locally and abroad. Our small, dedicated team take immense pride in crafting each seat and we celebrate each championship win like we were driving the car!

What is back-mounting and why is it required on some of your seat models?

We strongly believe back-mounting a seat improves driver safety in an impact and increases driver ‘feel’ of the vehicle. It is no surprise that this same philosophy is now prevalent in international touring car categories such as V8 Supercars and NASCAR. This video explains the concept further. When the Racetech 119 and 129 series seats are crash-tested by the FIA, they are mounted with both back-mount and floor-mount brackets. It is therefore mandatory that these seats are installed using back-mount brackets to achieve FIA homologation.

What is the difference between the FIA 8855-1999 (old) and FIA 8862-2009 (new) seat standards?

The test method for the new 8862-2009 standard differs significantly from that of the older 8855-1999 standard. The old standard simulates three successive impacts; 20G rearwards, 15G laterally and another 10G rearwards by using a crash test dummy and rapidly decelerating a sled. The new standard is quasi-static, meaning the seat is fixed and the loads are applied by hydraulic rams to the head, shoulder and pelvis areas of the seat simultaneously. There is both lateral and rearwards tests where the seat must withstand; 

  • Laterally:  7kN (Head), 11kN (Shoulder) and 14kN (Pelvis)
  • Rearward:  7kN (Head), 14kN (Shoulder) and 14kN (Pelvis)

It is difficult to compare the two standards accurately except to say that the newer 8862 standard is much more rigorous and simulates an impact of approximately 70G.

The other point to note is that seats meeting the new FIA standard are required to use stiff, energy absorbing foam in the head, shoulder and pelvis areas, improving safety for the occupant.

The threaded bosses in my 009 series seat do not line up with all of the holes in the mounting brackets. Is this a defect?

No, this is not a defect. The 009 series seats are designed with four threaded mounting points per side in order to allow smaller (10mm rather than 20mm) incremental changes to seat mounting height and angle. In a typical installation, you would only use two mounting points on each side of the seat.

I have an old Racetech seat, can I get it re-homologated?

No, we don’t re-homologate seats.

Can you re-cover my Racetech seat?

We do offer a re-cover service for current Racetech seat models (those listed on this website). Please click here for more information on the process and the pricing. Unfortunately, we do not offer re-covers on discontinued seat models.

Can I return a product and receive a refund?

Choose carefully, we will not accept product returns if you change your mind, your circumstances change, or you find an alternative option. We will only provide a refund in cases where a product is faulty, and this cannot be addressed through repair or replacement.

What is the recommended cleaning method for Racetech seat upholstery?

Apart from our (discontinued) 9100 Sprintcar seat models, it isn’t recommended that you remove the seat cover for cleaning. The cover is glued down and not designed for removal. With the seat cover still in place you can use a combination of mild detergent/soap and water to remove dirt and dust. Use water sparingly, as excessive water will soak through the seat fabric into the foam and extend drying time.

Do you sell sliding seat rails?

At this stage, we don’t. Our goal is to produce advanced motorsport seats for serious competitors. In a high speed side or oblique impact, the loads on the seat mounting brackets/rails are very high. Many sliding rails available are not designed to handle these loads and may deform or break, increasing your chances of injury during an accident.

I’m finding it difficult to know if your seat will fit in my car. Can you help?

If you have already checked out our dimensions tables, but need more specifics, we can supply CAD models for our 4100, 119 and 129 series seats. Please contact us directly with your request. CAD model requests are strictly considered and you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

Can you help me compare seat models so I can make the right decision?

Check out our Seat Comparison PDF which you can download here. You can also compare the specifications of up to four seat models (or our other products) by clicking the ‘Add to Compare’ button on each product page. 

Can I buy a custom seat?

Yes, we are always keen for a challenging project! Contact us and speak to our sales team to outline your requirements and we can confirm what is and isn’t possible. Custom modifications to the seat upholstery and embroidery are easy and relatively inexpensive. Modifications to the seat shell are more difficult and more expensive. Bear in mind that modifications to the seat shell are likely to void the FIA homologation, if applicable.

In what currency are the prices displayed on your website?

On our NZ site,, prices are displayed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and include GST of 15% except where otherwise specified.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard payments online using DPS secure payment solutions. We also accept PayPal and bank deposits. If you wish to collect a purchase from our showroom in Seaview, Wellington, you are welcome to pay by credit card, EFTPOS, or with cash.

Is the listed seat price for one seat or a pair?

The seat prices listed on our website and in all other media (unless otherwise specified) are always for one seat only.

Do you ship internationally?

Racetech products can be sold internationally. In the first instance, please contact our distributors in your location via the contact form. If there is no distributor in your part of the world, please contact us for further information. 

I love your product, can I become a dealer or distributor?

Yes, please view our Dealer page here for an application form. If you wish to apply as a distributor for your country, please email Racetech NZ directly using the contact form.

I’m an athlete/competitor/event organiser, will you sponsor me?

That depends on whether you fit our marketing strategy. For any successful sponsorship request, we require a full written application. Please see our Sponsorship page here for more information.

Do you have any job vacancies?

If a position becomes available we will advertise this on our website here and on our Facebook pages. 



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