Seat Dimensions

Use this interactive table to compare dimensions and weights for the entire range of Racetech seats.

  • Click the seat model to link directly to the seat product page
  • Click anywhere else in the row to highlight that row and display the dimensions on the seat drawing below
  • Click in any dimension cell to highlight that value on the seat drawing below
  • Sort each column by clicking on the column header. Click again to reverse the sort order
  • Hover over the column header for a short explanation of the dimension
  • Switch between Metric and Imperial units using the dropdown list

Dimensions and Weights:



  • A: External width at shoulders
  • B: Height from base to shoulder wings
  • C: Internal width at hips
  • D: External width across wings at seat front
  • E: Base length (front to back)
  • F: Maximum height (top to bottom)
  • G: Height from base to harness guide
  • H: External width at head restraint
  • I: Internal width at head restraint
  • J: Height from base to head restraint (eyeline)
  • K: Height from base to back mounting bosses
  • L: Maximum length (front to back)
  • M: Mounting width (side mount)
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