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HANS Devices

NOTE: This is a high-speed video replayed in slow motion. The elapsed times on the video are marking points for the slow motion replay. Five seconds in this video equate to 100 milliseconds in real time (an eye blink lasts 400 milliseconds).

1-Second Mark
The torso is held in the seat by properly tightened belts. Helmets are properly fastened.

2-Second Mark
The torso begins to move forward due to belt elongation and compression of the dummy.

3-Second Mark
(Top) The unrestrained head begins to pitch forward. The elongation of the belts allows the dummy’s torso to slide further forward in the seat.
(Bottom) The friction rubber on the legs of the HANS has engaged the belts to straighten and load the tethers, enabling the helmet and head to move with the torso. The HANS keeps the head and helmet in normal relationship to the torso despite the elongation
of the belts.

4-Second Mark
(Top) The neck loading increases as the unrestrained head reaches maximum excursion, increasing tension in the neck beyond the threshold for serious or fatal injury.
(Bottom) The HANS continues to be held in place by the friction rubber on the legs during the forward movement of the torso. The tethers straighten fully and remain substantially horizontal, keeping the head in normal relationship to the torso.

5-Second Mark
(Top) Instrumentation in dummy confirms the neck tension threshold for a serious or fatal injury – 4,000 Newtons – has been crossed.
(Bottom) The HANS restrains the head and instrumentation in dummy confirms neck tension is kept far below the threshold for serious or fatal injury.

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Pro Hans and Helmet Combo
Pro Package Deal Hans and Helmet combo. Includes a free gear bag and a Racetech flat peak ca..
Ex Tax: $2,779.99
Intermediate Hans and Helmet Combo
Intermediate Package Deal Hans and Helmet combo. Includes a free gear bag and a Racetech fla..
Ex Tax: $1,739.12
Rally Hans and Helmet Combo
Rally Package Deal Hans and Helmet combo. Includes a free gear bag and a Racetech flat peak ..
Ex Tax: $1,330.43
HANS and Helmet Bag
Keep that helmet, HANS and your gloves all nice and tidy in the off-season or when travelling to eve..
Ex Tax: $199.99
HANS Pro Ultra Lite Device
The HANS Pro Ultra Lite is SFI 38.1 and FIA approved. The Pro Ultra Lite device applies aerospace gr..
Ex Tax: $1,378.25
HANS Pro Ultra Device
The HANS Pro Ultra is SFI 38.1 approved and FIA certified. The Pro Ultra device applies the lightwei..
Ex Tax: $1,304.34
HANS Professional Device
The HANS Professional is the ultimate in lightweight head and neck protection. Moulded using hi-modu..
Ex Tax: $1,304.34
HANS Adjustable Device
The latest head and neck restraint from HANS promises to be a great addition to the Head & Neck ..
Ex Tax: $769.56
The HANS III represents the third generation of injection molded HANS devices and features a contemp..
Ex Tax: $574.99
HANS Pro Anchors
HANS Professional collar anchors/posts for attaching the tethers to your helmet. As suppli..
Ex Tax: $100.00
HANS Device SFI Recertification
HANS Devices must be recertified every five years to receive the SFI conformance sticker. For exampl..
From $34.50
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