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Seat Recover Service

Brand: Racetech Manufacturing
Availability: In Stock
From $399.99

Racetech offers a seat recover service for Racetech seats. We can generally recover most Racetech seats, however we don't produce seat covers for some very old models and therefore will not be able to offer a recover. The typical process during any recover:

  1. Customer arranges to ship or drop off their seat to Racetech Manufacturing in Seaview, Wellington. If there are any special requirements during the recover - now would be the time to specify them.
  2. We inspect the seat shell for major defects which may mean the seat is not safe for future motorsport use. In the unlikely event that the seat has developed major structural defects, we will contact the customer and ask how to proceed.
  3. We then remove the existing seat cover and the foam (padding).
  4. Our team will recover the seat with new foam, a new cover, new cushions (if applicable) and new harness guides. We then advise the customer that the seat is ready for pickup/delivery.

N.B. Our recover process has recently changed to include re-foaming. Most recover jobs received in the last year required new foam in any case, so our process has altered slightly to match this demand.  


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